Albion Players Need To Constantly Create Weapons To Fight

Normally, particular in PvP, medium armor set needn't to be used, since without too many weapons that cover all those bases, in addition, you need to choose your strengths as well as they come with their weakness. By buying cheap albion online gold, and you can explore so exhilarating gaming world.

In Albion, you need to constantly create weapons to fight, Dual daggers are high single target burst, as a matter of fact, claws are better for PvE because of their interrupt. They are better also for PvP IMO because you can chase down and root your target, while with daggers you'll have to rely on someone else and then get off your whole rotation and hope it isn't countered.

The guild v guild pvp but this has been something some gamers never managed to get into because you need two active guilds with territory to fight over. A design concept for a new guild vs guild system was revealed which we believe presents a nice balance between open world fighting. To be honest, cheap albion online gold for sale have deeply impact on players.

Open World Plots / Extractors
Each plot has room for 1 extractor building.
The ressources need to be picked up manually.
The NPCs also create an energy shield for the building. 
On these building plots, you can construct extractor buildings.
Current resource territories will be replaced with open world building plots.
These extractor buildings create a passive income of ressources for the owning guild.
The buildings spawn some NPCs, belonging to the owning guild, defending the building. More news and guides such as Albion Online Gold news, welcome to visit official website:
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