Relevant Terms And Conditions: PvE/PvP Activities

Albion Online mainly focuses on gathering low tier resources as well as transporting them to Red/Black Zone cities. However, Medium armor works really well because of the movement speed and invisibility, but I can't decide on the weapon for other PvE/PvP activities. I'm looking for a versatile weapon, which is good in solo or in a group. Actually, UPAlbion is official gaming website that sell cheap albion online gold.

Here are the terms and conditions:
If you do not claim your prize within 2 minutes of being announced the winner on stream by notifying me in the stream, we will re-roll a new winner.
You must be in Black Forest in order to claim your prize immediately after winning the giveaway. This means you have to have an active Albion Online account.
You must be live in the stream at 20 UTC on Saturday, 1/21/2017, to enter the giveaway. 
Since we all will be in Black Forest for the giveaway, I would like there to be tons of pvp BEFORE and AFTER the drawing, so come early and stay late and enjoy some PVP action. Why not to seek out an official website to buy gold? recommend an credible website:

Albion Guilds should be able to declare a capitol territory where the new defense system takes place in full. In all other territories you own the defense bonus should stay the same or go up about half as much as it would in your capitol territory after a loss depending on how far from your capitol the territory is (the further away the less the defense bonus goes up). It's worth mentioning that cheap albion online gold for sale.
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